Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday's blog post by the lovely Val, of Val's Alentejo blog reported on the welcome arrival of the storm season in Portugal, where it has not rained since May.

Well, it hasn't rained here since June, so
I wished for the storm to come to us!
and later in the day the sky turned dark ...

The winds whipped the trees ...

The skies opened, lightning and thunder cracked and boomed,
 and the rain came down in sheets.  
 For about 5 minutes.
But at least that is a start to the storm season.

Thanks, Val, you have magical powers!!

Yesterday, too, I had this tub of pansies happily blooming on the deck ...

But during the night, there came a visitor:

Source; Google images

Possums are partial to flowers, especially purple pansies, apparently.
Just look at the mess he left, little blighter!

Pansies are off to sit somewhere else now.

Mr Cardinal brought me these when I was in hospital last week.
Pink and pretty, just how I like them ...

Might rain again tonight ..



  1. I love heavy rain, as long as I'm tucked up warm and dry inside! That's the first time I've heard of a pansy thief!

    1. tucked up warm and dry is the best way to enjoy a storm! Pansy thief still lurking about ...

  2. We had a lovely loud thunder storm during the night. Gone by morning, but it meant I didn't have to water the outdoor plants. Sorry about your pansies. Critters can look so cute, but really should stick to the wild foods, not our nicely cultivated plants.

    1. Aha! we have a triumvirate of thunder storms around the world. Guess the Lord decided to send them all simultaneously :)
      Grrrrr about the possum - I heard him again last night!

  3. Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since you had rain. Is that normal for you? A very effective post with the B&W photos and then the purple pansies. Those dratted possums! They ate all my muscadines before I got out to pick them. Did you know there are actually people (not many anymore) who actually eat these creatures? Sorry that you were in the hospital recently. Hope all is well now. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sanda, winter is usually dry, but this year was a little dryer than the past few years. It could lead to a hotter, dryer summer - YUK. Re eating possums, I so remember the Beverley Hillbillies where Grannie cooked possum! I would think earlier settlers in Australia would have eaten them too, but of course they are protected now. Great week to you too!

    2. Possums are protected? Those silly bush turkeys are protected? Good grief, how does anyone protect their gardens? We need Granny Clampett to cook up a mess of vittles - maybe she could feed them to the homeless?

    3. Mr C suggests I tell you about the ugly fruit bats which fly around our city at night, eating fruit and flowers, screeching like lunatics, and vomiting on pathways and cars. They are protected too. But then, we live on the edge of the city so we must admit we are moving in on their territory. And we are kinda fond of all the crazy critters in our environment :)

  4. The pictures of the coming storm, the rain are so great. But only 5 minutes of rain? We have had more rain over here than ever. Maybe, if I bent down and started blowing the rain clouds down your way ; )??

    1. yes, please, blow some more rain down here, thankyou Mette :)
      Only 5 minutes, and now it has gone all hot and bothered again. I hope things improve soon, as the bushfires are starting to pop up in the hills, due to the extreme dryness. Did you know Australia is competing with Finland for a seat on the United Nations Security Council? Wonder who will get it!