Monday, September 17, 2012


Kate has been showing a distinct interest in Yellow this week.
And rightly so, yellow looks great on brunettes and is the perfect colour for
 a hot tropical summer's day.

Today in Tuvalu she is wearing a pretty broderie anglaise dress in a light shade of pale yellow -
Love the pink fan helpfully provided by the local hosts.

Tomorrow the Cambridges pass through Brisbane on their way home.
Spoilsport officialdom refuse to disclose times, and have firmly told us the royals will not be in any part of the airport which can be accessed by the public.
So There...


After all, they may have wanted to meet some of the local wildlife.
Like, say, this varmint (FF 2010-12) seen today at the back of the Red Cardinal garden.
Guess not.

Jasmine may be pretty, and smell divine, but it is Tough as Nails.
Look at what a sneaking jasmine vine has done with a great big palm frond.

Continuing on the path of strangulation ..
I could pull it off, but the sick side of me wants to see what will happen.
It's a jungle round here.

Browallia bush (one whose name I actually know) is going brilliantly this year.
Apparently it likes Very Dry Spring weather.
Oops, that is the grave marker of our dear departed little Silky Terrier.

Browallia is not subtle, but then neither is a big orange glass jug!

I'm off to make an orange cake now ..



  1. You have a delicious sense of humor Patricia. I laughed about the strangulation of the palm frond, me thinks the palm may come off second best.
    We have a couple of varmints roaming around the traps too. Grrrrrr

    1. There were two varmints here - I just could not line them both up in the camera fame at once! Jasmine now showing off and producing flowers along the palm frond! xx

  2. What a shame the Cambridge's aren't stopping in Brisbane! That bush is a wonderful colour - it looks like it's on fire!

    1. Surprise! Cambridges did spend 2 hours in Brisbane airport today, flying off to Singapore about an hour ago. Some lucky travellers scored photo ops!

  3. Well its an orange day for you Patricia.
    Yellow for Kate.
    Poor Kate.. finally the French magazine has been ordered by the crown court that they cannot publish any more photos of her topless.
    I think personally that they should only be photographed on public occasions its such a shame ..I feel sorry for William.. his mother was killed through paparazi.
    I watched her in Samoa... but she was a little more hidden..
    enjoy your orange cake.

    1. Also feel sorry for Kate over the French magazine. It is probably just as well they were on the other side of the world having a lovely royal tour when the drama unfolded in Europe. On their way home now, so they will have to deal with it. No more topless sunbathing I suspect!
      Orange cake was Good! xx

  4. That varmint looks sort of like a wild turkey but with a different head. Hooray for orange; it's such a happy color. Your Browallia bush is so pretty! Hoping for you a sunny day, Patricia.

    1. The varmint definitely is a wild turkey Sanda. Australian-style Scrub Turkey, now a protected species, but my Dad says they shot and ate them when he was a boy. Very sunny here, and Browallia is loving it!

  5. I have been catching up on your last posts ; your photos of pretty flowers are beautiful (and that includes the delightful Kate too !).XX

    1. I love flower season; Once the hot summer sets in they all die off, so Spring is short but precious. xx

  6. Sorry you aren't getting an in-person look at Will and Kate. Her outfits are so pretty. In the US, we call "broderie anglaise" just "eyelet fabric" which doesn't quite capture the elegance of her dress.
    I am so cracking up about that Jasmine wreaking havoc on the garden. Very Godzilla like.

    1. No in-person look at the royals for me, but some lucky people saw them at the airport. No doubt will be on the TV news tonight. Eyelet fabric is a bit boring but probably a good description. I am thinking I need to find me some; must be something I can make.
      The rogue jasmine is henceforth named Godzilla!

  7. Deep yellow is a challenging color, but it looks perfect on Kate ( first picture ).
    William " used to look " much more handsome when younger. Is it only me who feels like this?
    The varmint is too cute!!

    1. I think you may be correct Mette - William was a pretty young man, but seems to me also that he is looking rather staid and middle-aged already. And he is only 30! Perhaps they need a baby to spark him up!!
      Cute varmint is very naughty, I have to say :)

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