Tuesday, October 18, 2016


We've been home for two weeks now, so time to forget the jet-lag and have an update...

The lorikeets forgave us for going away, and return each day.

Enjoying the sunrise...

The Garden of Neglect surprised us with a Spring outburst..

Both weeds and flowers in abundance, so there must have been rain...

I am still thinking about what to make with these fabrics sourced in London at Shaukat, South Kensington... 
Beautiful Liberty and other fabrics at excellent prices.

Remember how I want to RepliKate a certain blue poppy dress....

Loved the way the signs in Ireland were in Gaelic as well as English.
Try as I might, I never advanced beyond Cead Mile Failt - which I learned as a child from Irish nuns..

We were on our way to Glendalough, the ancient holy place founded by St Kevin (498-618AD) - yes, he lived to 120 years of age.

St Kevin was a hermit here for seven years, in a prehistoric, man-made cave:

Later, followers came and St Kevin became founder and first abbot of a monastery and seminary at this place.

I loved wandering around these ancient ruins...

St Kevin had a great affinity with animals.
It is said that at this spot he milked a doe, to feed the son of a local King, entrusted to Kevin for the child's safety and upbringing.

Usually I have the Christmas tree up by now, but it will be a little later this year.

See the lace shamrocks?  
So pretty..

Back to reality here, and the looming Summer.
We have replaced the ceiling fan which gave up under the strain last Autumn.
And are getting quotes to replace a 20 year old air-conditioning system, which has also called time.

Then there is the clothes dryer which decided to follow the other guys...

I think we are in the midst of a white goods rebellion.

Enjoy the Spring/Autumn, wherever you be..



  1. The Irish stones are quite beautiful. Love a wander around a
    an old ruin. Such history in those old walls!
    Will look forward to seeing how you use those fabrics...such pretty patterns. I once had a Liberty print shirt and wore it so often that I actually wore holes through at the elbows!!!

    1. I loved the old Celtic crosses, so mellow with age.
      Liberty is lovely to wear; I remember doing the same thing with a pink Liberty shirt years ago - worn to death, as my mother used to say.

  2. Patricia, the ancient ruins are so interesting to me. How wonderful that you got to visit them. That is amazing that they go back so far in history. The Irish tea sounds delightful. Wish I had a cup of it right now. And the little tea holder is sweet. Spring is so pretty in your area, and those Lorikeets sure are loyal birds, aren't they?

    Wishing you a wonderful week, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. I loved the St Kevin ruins, so historical, and also very beautiful. Anything with Celtic designs is very appealing. I had to restrain myself from buying too many things, but I have a few nice reminders. Good old lorikeets, always come back and call out to me in the morning for their breakfast :)

  3. Autumn here...but....humid today...feels like 31c! And windy!
    Cool coming for the wedding...Saturday....finally!
    Enjoy your week Patricia!
    Linda :o)

    1. Ah, wonderful, the wedding is this week. I wish you perfect weather and a lovely day Linda. Can't wait to see your outfit. 31c here today too - Twins!

  4. It seems to be sods law that if something breaks down, you can almost count on two more happenings.
    The blue poppy fabric will make a lovely dress, I shall look foward to seeing what you create.
    Love those early medieval round towers that are so distinctive of Ireland.

    1. Ah, Sods Law, that's what it is called! I hope if we replace things quickly the spell will go away.
      I can't wait to cut into the poppy fabric, so fresh and cool for the coming Summer. The tower was so interesting to me, but I did not know it was a particularly Irish building. The Glendalough settlement lasted for about a thousand years, it seems.

  5. It brought back such great memories to see your pictures of Glendalough. I was there last year with my friends from England. We were especially fascinated walking around the old stone markers in the cemetery. Such an interesting place. I'm glad you had a chance to go there!

    1. Oh how exciting Kristie, you've been there too! Yes we loved the old cemetery, and the beautiful old stone. It really was a highlight for me to visit there. The forest was lovely too.

  6. What lovely spring colour in your garden. Wouldn't it make a nice fabric? And speaking of fabric, great finds. We visited Glendalough - I felt sorry for poor St Kevin - he so wanted to be alone, but got found!! And I am sorry about the white goods headache - I know you had a repair to the air conditioner last summer, but it looks as though the time has well and truly come. Always a pest.

    1. Another Glendalough visitor! We are a special group, and I know what you mean about St Kevin, you wonder why he could not have been left in peace. Yes, the same air-conditioner lasted just a few months after its repair, but has given sterling service for many years. We need to get one quickly, because they are fast selling out of the local stores. They should know by now that will happen at the start of Summer!

  7. I.love leaning about another country's history and culture. Live history in general. And I'm always up for looking at pretties, I must put put Ireland on my bucket list!

    Also will return here to get my doses of spring and summer. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒท

    1. Oh, dear it's spellcheck this time. I typed "Love ❤️ history" in general. And I swear I didn't put a period after "I" nor type "put" twice or a , after "pretties." What is happening?

    2. Oh that predictive text is a pest at times, not to mention spellcheck :)
      If you like history (like I do) Ireland is a good place to go Debbie. Lots of interesting ruins as well as lovely countryside. While the Romans were not particularly interested, others were, and left their stamp on the culture. There will certainly be a dose of Summer around this blog as we come up to Christmas. Even the Canadians are coming over to swim in our pool for a few weeks.

  8. You usually have your Christmas tree up by now??!! That comment stopped me in my tracks ;)
    I love the souvenirs you picked up, especially that little teabag holder. Love the Celtic scarf, even with the snakes. The last photos you shared of Glendalough grabbed my attention. I have old slides of my mom's and I remembered seeing almost the identical shot of the tower in her pictures! I checked, and yes, it's the same place. There are a few of them from the late 1940's. I'd love to share them with you if you'd like. She visited Ireland with her mother at that time, just before she married. I'm glad I now know the name of the place in her photos :)

    1. Yes, I do usually start decorating in October, including the tree, which is of course artificial. Real trees don't last a week in our Summer heat. I have a large collection of Christmas goodies, and change the themes each year so not everything comes out. I could not resist the teabag holder, such cheerful Celtic design.
      How fantastic that you have your Mom's slides of Glendalough - it must look just the same! I would love to see one or two if you care to send them to my email (on the sidebar). The scarfs are settling into Australia very well :)