Friday, September 19, 2014


'All roads lead to Rome'...
and so the Red Cardinals eventually found their way..
walking in the streets of the ancients...
by the (sadly neglected) Mausoleum of Augustus, arguably the greatest of the emperors,
who died exactly 2,000 years ago, on August 19, in 14AD
Loved the Ara Pacis, the Augustine Altar of Peace in its new glass temple (2006)
By the Spanish steps, we stumbled on the Keats/Shelley house museum and
sat on their terrace musing about the Grecian Urn...
Keats passed away in this little room..
Shelley contemplating Prometheus...
Of course, the Vatican Museum was a priority, and what a day of crowds and excitement, in equal measure:
Yes, they are my toes on this beautiful ancient mosaic, where thousands walk each day.
In Australia, this would be carefully preserved behind barriers...
I do love the Rococo ceilings...
and coming from a family who love maps, was in mapping heaven in this glorious Map Room, a long corridor lined with frescoes of all the regions of Italy:
Here's Venice!
On to Raphael, 'The School of Athens' pulse was quickening by now..
so famous and illustrious..
and on to the Sistine Chapel:
Google image, as no photography permitted
that unbelievable ceiling by Michelangelo..
You all know the story, how he lay on his back on the scaffolding for years and years, painting this fabulous and fantastic story of creation..
I was the last to rejoin our tour group..
and the Pieta, again Michelangelo, heart-meltingly beautiful in the Basilica of St Peters...
We became enamoured of a ristorante nearby, Canova Togalini,
a café, atelier and museum all in one..
we dine amidst original plaster models made by sculptors of the past..
and there is a workshop from the 17th century:
Rome is big, hardly surprising for a place that was the capital of the ancient world,
but we have enjoyed it immensely.
End of Part 1.
I will return....


  1. What riches, Patricia. I would so love to go there! It looks like a real journey of wonder and discovery! What memories you will take home!

    1. Wonderful memories and lots of thoughts whirling around in my mind, Val. It has been a very enriching time for us both.

  2. I was waiting for your Rome post Patricia and it is wonderful thank you!

    The Pieta is my favourite statue by Michaelangelo or anyone for that matter – it is full of such tenderness.

    The ideal would be to have at least a month in Italy, to do it at a more leisurely pace. Days off in between spent sitting in the piazza enjoying coffee while people watching and absorbing the beauty of it all!

    I’ve been twice and both times I’ve tossed my coin in the fountain!
    What a trip you've had Patricia, food for the soul to carry with you on life's journey!

    Shane x

    1. Thank you Shane, and yes, tenderness is the best adjective for the Pieta - it is wonderful. I agree, the ideal would be a month, and perhaps we should have skipped Paris and done that. We didn't know how much we would like Italy and wanted a contrast, but we loved it and hope to return some day. Yes, I tossed a coin in the fountain too - incurring the wrath of the police because at the moment it is dry, and undergoing restoration. I threw the coin before I saw the sign!

  3. What a wonderful trip you are having Patricia, so many great artistic experiences and viewing things that you have dreamt about seeing for so long.
    Rome and her seven hills can be a tiring place to explore but well worth the effort.

    1. We have liked Rome a lot, Rosemary, after some initial doubts. We would like to return and see more of the south of Italy as we love our ancient history very much.

  4. Rome is such a wonderful city to visit - especially for someone who enjoys the arts as much as you do. Grecian Urn - how fun!

    1. Lots of fun to be found Beryl, as we amuse ourselves In our own way. In Rome I kept away from the art museums to give Mr C a break, and we immersed ourselves in the history and culture of it all; we enjoyed the thought that back in the day it was the New York of its time.

  5. Lucky, lucky you - and such a good tour you have taken us all on as well. I appreciate it - it's not easy blogging on the run. Lovely, lovely and much appreciated post.

    1. Sarah Liz, every day I think how fortunate I have been to make this trip. Many obstacles prevented it happening years ago, and we are making the most of each moment. Special thanks to Mr C for making it all come true for us. Thank you for your appreciative comment (and happy sewing to you, too).

  6. Thank you Patricia for sharing Rome with us. Food for the eyes, soul, mind and the tummy all from one place.
    Not now, perhaps later, maybe you could tell us how did this all effect you, a foreigner, from Australia?

    1. Thanks Mette, and I didn't realise I touched on all those senses!
      You ask a good question, and I am considering the answer, which is one I will probably have to answer to many friends over the next few weeks. Certainly the trip has had a profound influence on both of us.

  7. It is so wonderful Patricia!!!! You must have had an amazing time. I loved your last post from Florence too, that is stunning. It is incredible isn't it that the floors are just left for you to walk on, in England that would not be allowed either, it would be covered with some sort of mat at the very least I would think. So glad that you have enjoyed it all and seen so many incredible things. xx

    1. Thank you Amy, and apologies I am not able to read everyone's blog while we are travelling! Glad you enjoyed Florence, which I think was my favourite place of all. Loved that floor! We watch Time Team on theTV and I know the UK has many Roman mosaics, which are greatly prized and carefully looked after. Amazing to walk on one!

  8. Patricia I am so glad you got to see the amazingness that is Rome. I threw three small coins into the fountain at once and then found out that one coin means you will return (as we all know) but three means that you not only return but marry a Roman and live there! (That remains to be seen haha)

    1. Amazing is was, Val. So we will return - the coin must be true, he he

  9. Oh Patricia, you are so lucky to have gone to Rome. Do you know that Nel wants all of the family to take a trip to Rome? I think that Jess visited the Sistine Chapel when she went to Rome. I am Catholic, so this would be such a beautiful place to see. And how I'd love to see the Basilica of St. Peters. These are such aweaome pictures. Rome is grand, special, and beautiful. I hope we meet someday. :~)


    1. Sheri, you must go! The Basilica is amazing - and so are the many other churches I visited in Italy - far too many to blog about!
      Next time I pass through Los Angeles??

  10. Such wonderful photos, Patricia, and you certainly made the best of your time there. I love the antiquity of Rome - the presence of so many truly ancient buildings among those of later eras. Now to read Part 2. :-)