Thursday, August 9, 2012


Well, Australia is finally going to be happy with a few more Olympic Gold Medals coming in today.
As I do not have a sporty bone in my body, I have precious little idea who won what,
but have been dismayed by the earlier moans about Lack of Gold and the Inadequacy of Silver, let alone Bronze.  Be happy to win anything, I would think.

Enjoying the fun in my own little way, I have been amusing myself with Olympic Royal Watching.
Princess Anne looks relaxed and happy at the games.  In fact it is rare to see a photo of her looking so merry - I know she is hard-working and all, but she often seems a bit dour, and Unamused! 
Bet she is proud of daughter Zara.

Our own Australian Princess Mary has been there nearly every day,
and this week brought her two older children over from Denmark to join in.
Little Isabella is quite a droll character.  A definite touch of the Aussie there.

I thought it was nice to see Sarah Ferguson there with her Princess daughters.
We recently watched her TV series Finding Sarah, filmed for the Oprah network in 2011.
She seems to be such a lost soul, unable to find peace or a meaningful role in life.
It is quite sad if reports are true that Princess Eugenie has publicly said that she dreads her mother's calls because they are always cries for help. 
Perhaps Fergie now sees her daughters as living the Princess life she rejected but now craves.

And here is a picture of the Spanish royals, not at the Olympics.
The King and Queen, and Crown Princess and Princess, 
with a classic tapestry backdrop.

Which brings me around to the wonderful
Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado
currently in town, and I am totally loving it.

Have bought the T-shirt, featuring a detail from one of my favourites,
the exquisite
Two fruit bowls on a table, 1642, by Tomas Hiepes.
In the painting the fruit bowls sit on a tablecloth of the most delicate painted lace you could imagine.

In fact there is a whole room full of these wonderful Still-Life masterpieces.

Don't miss this amazing exhibition!

We have fairy wrens flitting about our garden these days.
These tiny, pretty little creatures with their upright tails, come knocking at the window.
They are so quick it is difficult to capture a photo, hence the blurred image.
However, I am pleased to have captured one at all.
Mr Cardinal has been trying without success all week!

When you are on to a good thing department:
I have finished another pair of Size 3 pyjamas, this time for Little Aussie our local grandchild.  He is a little monkey :)

Trust your week has been fun ...



  1. I agree with you about Princess Anne, I've never seen her so smiley! Those are gorgeous little pyjamas - would you make me a pair?!

    1. Mmmmm - well, I saw some very cute kitten fabric the other day :)))

  2. Thank you for your post on bits and pieces. The timing of it is perfect, as I can´t find a word of sense to write for my blog today.
    So great to see Princess Anne smiling. I´ve never seen her smiling. And I really like your Princess Mary, and the Danish Royal Family as whole.
    What a darling pj for your grandchild. Is the pattern the same, as before?
    Hoping to be sharp for tomorrow.
    And - congratulations for the many medals for you Australians.

  3. Hi Mette, Yes, same pj pattern as before. I think I should retire that one now. Hope Finland is doing well in the Olympics - our local coverage is very much about Australia.
    Our Canadian grandchild is arriving very, very soon - exciting! xx

  4. Thanks for working so hard to get a picture of that Fairy Wren. (I try to get pictures of the Oklahoma Lightning Storms, and still haven't had any luck.) I envy you having the Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado exhibit right there where you can see it more than once. But I envy you even more having your grandchild coming to visit!

  5. Nice post and pictures, Patricia. Royals-watching is always so much fun. Americans are so "obsessed" with royalty, which is funny in a way, because we fought the Revolution as a rejection of it (of course, royalty is so different now)! Nice wren picture. I still hope I can one day get a picture of one of the many cardinals that visit my backyard, but by the time I get my camera ready they have flown away. So neat to see the male and female together, as one often does.

  6. Oh enjoy your precious family Patricia. Soak them Up!
    Of course you have more pressing issues than hanging around blogs right now, beautiful grandsons come first.
    I do agree about Isabella, she is full od Aussie character while her big brother seems to have the Danish regal air about him.
    As for Sarah...I've always held a soft spot for her and no matter what indiscretions she's managed to conjure up I really do think The Firm have not been terribly nice to her considering she is the mother of two princesses.