Thursday, April 2, 2015


The Crucifixion, Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel, Padova.

Lamentation, Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel

With Easter Blessings from the Red Cardinal



  1. Happy Easter, Patricia,

    I have never seen these images of The Crucifixion, or the Lamentation. Thanks for bringing the Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel to my part of the world!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of Holy Week. Will you be singing at Midnight Mass?

  2. My husband took me to Rome on our honeymoon - we are a later marriage, so it was about 11-12 years ago. We went to the Easter service at the Vatican - the most amazing experience. Can remember visiting the places you have mentioned, thank you for bring back the memories. Kindest regards and Happy Easter.

  3. Thanks you for sharing these artworks and Happy Easter to you. It's a good time to think about all our blessings isn't it?

  4. Beautiful pictures, so thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Easter weekend, my friend.

  5. I am feeling Him in my heart today.

    love you, my blogging sister.


  6. Male Cardinals are the State flower for VA where I love....we feed them daily along with all the other beautiful birds that live in and around our 5 this blog...

  7. Thank you for the beautiful pictures on this Good Friday. Happy Easter to the Cardinals!


  8. Hello Patricia,

    What marvellous paintings these are by Giotto. How our pain, joy and hope are all combined in the spirit of Easter.

    Wishing you and your family all joy this Eastertide.

  9. All of a sudden, your pictures look so different amongst the Easter fuss.
    Wishing you all my best!

  10. Wonderful, wonderful Giotto! I don't know these, but love his paintings of the same scenes in the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi.

    Wishing you a very blessed and joyful Easter, Patricia.