Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Edgar Degas "Blue Dancers" c. 1890
 The Australian Ballet is back in town - goody!!

I went to see the double-bill "Imperial Suite" program...

Two ballets I've not previously seen -
gorgeous classical dance, not narrative stories, just achingly beautiful poetic motion....

Ballet Imperial (1951) choreography by George Balanchine, a tribute to the spirit of Russian ballet, an homage to Petipa and Tchaikovsky - the music was the Concerto No 2 in G for Piano and Orchestra Op. 44.

Our much-loved Qld Symphony Orchestra was in the pit,
and the dancers wore a symphony of deep blues and purples - the Imperial blue and white of the Winter Palace.

Serge Lifar's 'showpiece' ballet, Suite en Blanc (1943) -
created for the Paris Opera Ballet, a dazzling and difficult display, a rare gem of the Australian Ballet's repertoire.
I loved it to bits...

From the magical opening - white on a black background, dozens of dancers artfully arrayed -

to the exciting and spectacular ending...

In the cool of the morning, I looked out to see this pesky, garden-destroying pest, perched high on our neighbours' roof:

Behold the Australian brush turkey, the enemy of all Brisbane gardens and gardeners...

They can barely, fly, so why did he make the effort to go up there?

AAAHHHHH - that would explain it!!

After a while, Mr Turkey managed to flutter across the adjoining fence and into our gum tree, where he perched, and sulked, while I took photos..

Eventually he managed to climb down, and go about his business.
Which would be scratching around in the mulch looking for food, tossing said mulch all about the lawns and paths, making a mound for hatching eggs, and creating havoc, and making his turkey gobble noise.

Begone, turkey pest - go back to the bush!

This is my 299th post - 
Coming up, to celebrate 300 posts, and 3 years of blogging, I am having a Red Cardinal giveaway.

Stay tuned...



  1. Your ballet sounds wonderful! Is that the necklace you wore sitting atop the black purse? It's a beauty! Lovely flower pictures and such an evil looking bird menacing your garden. Our wild turkeys are edible, are yours?

    1. Loved the ballet, Beryl. Yes, $6 necklace from a chain store - I love mixing it up with my good LBD. The purse doesn't photograph well but it's actually deep navy sparkes :)
      Dad says he has eaten wild turkeys when he was a boy on a bush farm, and they probably did during the Great Depression. These days they are protected as a native species. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hello Patricia:

    If we were given to envy, then we should be filled with such for your night at the ballet sounds to have been simply wonderful. Neither of those pieces is known to us and from what you say and show both the music and choreography were wonderful and we love the co-ordination of the costumes.

    How tedious that you are plagued with the wild turkeys. We had no idea that they were such a problem and can well imagine how they make a constant mess of the garden. Such a nuisance.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance, The ballets were new to me, too, despite being around for quite some time. Suite en Blanc has been performed by many of the world's great ballet companies. It was a wonderful night! Turkeys are the pest we love to hate - at least they are not dangerous to humans...

  3. Dear Patricia - I did not realise that you had wild turkeys roaming around - the blogosphere is very good at educating us all.
    A night at the ballet is something I too Iove - these days we often watch the ballet in our local cinema 'live' from Convent Garden. It is almost as good as the real thing, but saves us the hassle of a trip to London.

  4. Ah, yes, Rosemary, the turkeys now wander all over Brisbane. They have adapted to urbanisation rather too well, and seem happy to live with people and houses instead of the bush. Those cinema 'live' performances are great, aren't they. We sometimes go to them also, the Metropolitan Opera, or Covent Garden seen in the antipodes!

  5. The ballet must have been spectacular in person, even the few photos are breathtaking. What a great outing.

    The turkey on the other hand is at best homely. What a huge bird to be scratching around in your garden. We get raccoons and possums, I'll have to show DH the turkey and tell him he should be glad he doesn't have those as well.


  6. The ballerina in white is so beautiful, pure art.
    Seeing and reading about your visits in theaters and operas, ballets, makes me feel like a real cowgirl ; ), which actually is partly true.
    Something must be done about it - soon !

    1. Hello Mette, I could never imagine the elegant Mette as a cowgirl!!
      I've been lucky this week - two lovely outings - let's hope it continues. I thought the white ballet was absolutely brilliant.

  7. Turkey pest! How funny! Send him my way, we don't see much wildlife where I live!

    1. Gladly, I'll just organise his passport!

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely time, mum has those turkeys at her place making a mess.

    1. Turkeys are renowned for the mess-making ability. They probably have a secret competition about it!

  9. A lovely post, Patricia, especially the way you link your photos to make a narrative. I do envy you your evening spent watching those wonderful ballets. I've always loved ballet, but it's so long since I saw a live performance. That's what comes of living out in the sticks. :-)

    I do hope Mr Turkey soon goes back to where he belongs and leaves your lovley flowers in peace.

    1. Thank you Perpetua, I never thought of you as living out in the sticks! I can imagine that you love the ballet, music in motion. Mr Turkey has left us, thankfully :)

  10. How beautiful that ballet is. I adore ballet and spent many years training until I had an injury that forced me to give it up. I was planning to do it as a career when I was young, so I just love to see it. I very rarely have the chance to see live performances though, so YouTube keeps me going! As for that naughty Turkey, it's a good thing you have a curious canine to keep him at bay!

    By the way, Patricia, I have answered your question about Harbour Ways in the comments on my blog. I hope it helps! Thank you again :-)

    1. Aha, you are slender and very fit, so I can imagine you as a ballet dancer Val. So sorry you had to give up. Both my sisters were dancers from very young and into adulthood, did all the RAD exams. Turkey has left, as has the dog - he was actually a 'visitor', out without leave!